Reiki Classses

Come learn Reiki in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.  Learn an efficient, strong, and yet gentle way of balancing and healing yourself, others, animals, plants, and even your own life.  In my class, you will learn all the basic knowledge and the tools to start your healing journey and be transformed by the Energy.  You will have plenty of time to ask questions and to practice in class.  When you get certified for one level you let the Reiki Energy be part of your life forever! 

For further details about Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki


Each day class runs from 9 to 5: manual and handouts included. 

A receipt and a certificate are given upon completion.

Reiki I & II class includes:

Definition of Reiki, History of Reiki, Principles of Reiki, Pillars of Reiki, Hands positions: session on a chair, session on a massage table, and self treatment, Usui symbols (theoretical and practice), Distance Reiki.

ART/Master Class includes:

Reiki Master is a serious step.  Make sure you are ready  for it. 

Prerequisite: Reiki I & II for 6 months.  Please plan 3 days for this training. 

Definition of Holy Fire, Master and Holy Fire symbols, How to use a crystal grid, Give ignitions & placements, Master meditations, How to teach Reiki and Code of Ethics

You will be invited to join the Reiki Circle once a month

to share and learn with like minded people.

***** Due to Covid-19 the Reiki Circles are canceled until further notice

I request a deposit for each class NOT REFUNDABLE

Is your child interested in learning Reiki?

CONTACT US for details

CONTACT US to register for Reiki I or II separately

*****  Class registration fees are non-refundable if the student cancels, but may be transferred to a future class within one year from the date of the initial class.  Only if the class is cancelled by the teacher, the registration fee is fully refundable.